Ahad, 3 Jun 2012


Four habits to change your life

1) Put the 'Big Rocks' in first
Your day is like an empty jar. Everyday, identify and attend to the big priorities first. Those are the big rocks. The other stuff is like sand-it can fit into whatever space or time is left over. We get disappointed when important things in our lives get ignored. So protect these big rocks first.

2) Remember The Mirror Effect
Your followers become a reflection of you. It is pointless teaching your child (or staff) to be patient if she sees you often lose your temper! Show them behaviour you want.

3) Don't be a Starving Baker
Before you look after everyone else"feed yourself first" with the skills, time & talent you need. This may include picking up new skills, or scheduling rest and pampering time to recharge you.

4) Put in Emotional Fuel
You need "emotional fuel" or emotional support from trusted friends and mentors. Reach out to people close to you, spend time with role models and friends to re-ignite your passion for work and life.

Dah habis baca? Tips ini sangat berguna untuk kerja, bisnes dan kehidupan seharian kita .. Semoga apa yang QUEENPINK share ini dapat memberi sedikit manfaat pada anda semua ;)

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